Outfits from Diamonds Are Forever

Jul 23, 2011

The seventh installment of the 007 series certainly has it's style pitfalls including short ties, western suits, windsor knots, and a notch lapel tuxedo on James Bond at one point. Regardless, there are still some great outfits that have served as a source of inspiration for me recently.

A patterned short-sleeve camp shirt.  I've seen some similar offerings by Woolrich Woolen Mills and Engineered Garments in the past couple of years that are rather attractive. 

A black shirt under charcoal suiting, really one of the only ways to tastefully wear a black shirt. 

A 50's style lounge shirt worn under a belted safari jacket by a minor character. Something I would only try on outdoor ventures in warm climates, but I like the Hemingway vibe it gives.

The cream odd dinner jacket, possibly with hacking pockets (which I would opt against). Bond wears it with a pleated white tuxedo shirt, while I would rather just wear a simple white dress shirt underneath.

True "effortless style". Yes, there are divots in the shoulders of his jacket but I would attribute that to his posture in this capture rather than the fit of the suit. In warm weather, I would rather not wear a tie unless the occasion calls for it.

Professor Bond. It's usually difficult to pull off a turtleneck sweater, but I think Bond's choice of a subdued color that matches his jacket works well. 

An excellent. conservative three-piece suit in navy worn with a blue dress shirt and navy necktie. Spread collar, french cuffs.

If, like me, you enjoy dissecting the outfits of James Bond in the 007 films and novels, check out the blog dedicated to the subject, The Suits of James Bond for a more thorough analysis of his clothing.



Instead the cream jacket, we can dress a white jacket with a white shirt, black pants and black shoes?


How could you ignore the henchmen? Orange helmets, gloves, boots AND holsters - brilliant! Where does a villain outfit his crew?

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