Acne Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Aug 2, 2011

With market week and pretty much all of the S/S '12 collection previews behind us, I've had some time to let it all soak in and reflect on what everyone brought to the table. Acne's latest collection stuck with me in particular as a nuanced revision of contemporary and mid-century trends. Their most distinct design, which is also my favorite, is an unstructured hybrid of the traditional point and club collars. As with the splaying of the wide spread Neapolitan collar, the long and definitive shape of Acne's shirt collars renders rigidity unnecessary and even a bit unsavory. Their soft rounded points are only accentuated by the soft structure of the collar, somewhat oddly reminiscent of a hound dog's ears.  The soft pastel color palette Acne implements accentuates the soft tailoring throughout the collection, though bursts of bold color, shape and pattern add some variety without compromising the unity of the collection. The variations of floral camouflage present in the collection also represent the combined culmination of the two most popular patterns in menswear as of late. While the overall collection by no means hits it out of the park, it does have it's share of gems to warrant it a spot among my favorites for Spring/Summer 2012.

— Images via GQ


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Sensational info. I look forward to seeing more.

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