Fact From Fiction

Aug 2, 2011

To decipher one starry-eyed child with a dream wrapped around a digital SLR from another presents a difficult task of differentiating fact from fiction: Does one trail blaze through fancy-named blogs and pick out a single white dwarf being worshipped amongst the black hole sea of pseudo-style aficionados or do you bank on finding true bursts of creativity hidden in the bottom of that very sea, sleeping in an oyster? Possessing a keen eye for woven, creative fashion photography is being buried by bombastic players flattening the genre. There are flashes of hope though; comets modestly passing by in the sky, to give a glimpse of vitality, freshness. A distinct, unmistakable look unlike previous shots: high flash and shallow depth of field or bokeh on high with the subject, 6 feet away from the camera, shoulder width apart (or crossed-legged, "it's innovative"). Several photographers, not only fashion, but excellent lifestyle photographers are pressing on, devout with honesty who produce lasting impressions on an ever-changing art landscape, blogosphere, cultural scene, you name it. Here are the first four photographers that immediately come to mind with an influence in style:

Bob Myaing
Works in Philly, Runs Cork Grips.
Website, Blog

Neil Bedford
British photographer who has shot for Inventory Magazine and The Green Soccer Journal.
Website, Blog

Tim Barber
New Englander turned New Yorker, studied in Vancouver & runs Tiny Vices.

Sidney Lo
Based in Brooklyn, New York, writer for Hypebeast and runs Another Asian with a Camera.
Website, Blog

Stay tuned for more photography posts.




This is exceptionally well written, dude. You talk about about the power of genuinely well composed photography, but I think there's also definitely something to be said about those who present an artistic way with words on their blogs. I can appreciate that. Keep it coming brah!



Addendum: Seeing as I just noticed that Winslow wrote this piece, I should probably be praising both of you, right haha? Well done guys!


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