Behind the Scenes with McNairy S/S 2012

Aug 10, 2011

I was one of the assistant photographers to Justin Chung on the Mark McNairy "New Amsterdam" Spring/Summer 2012 lookbook shoot recently and it was an honor to work with some of the up and coming pros of the industry. As a result, I was able to document the shoot with some "b-roll" photography for a bit of a behind the scenes look, as a companion to James' and Niclas' videos.

What struck me, through the process of building the lookbook, was the relaxed air in the shoot: Laughs between models and crew, commercial hip hop on the speakers, an enthusiastic photographer at the helm shooting on the concrete floors and rolled white backdrop at bpmw, and warm natural light which seeped through from the surrounding windows.

In retrospect, this casual environment lent itself to the success of the shoot, as it was a lot like the director of the shoot, McNairy himself (a man known for carrying his shoe collection in plastic garbage bags). Lawrence's sleek, cultivated styling complimented the brand's preppy disposition and it is always a pleasure to see him work; diligent to the last detail, yet every look appeared careless.

McNairy, with manners others often presume as standoffish, was nothing but a talented and modest creative individual who just happened to produce one of the most striking and relevant collections of the year. I am particular fond of the accessories which make for refreshing, magnetic staples. From the daisy print bags down to the "Fuck You" ring, McNairy's latest collection makes for a dynamic and acutely personal wardrobe.



Great job on the shoot, Winslow. Killed it!


Best stuff i've seen in a long time. What did you use to shoot this?


This shit is so pro, so stoked that you guys are doing dope shit, this sounds super gay but it's entirely authentic.


Your comment would have been "so pro" Angelo if you didn't refer to inanimate objects as "super gay"... rude ass.

The collection is pretty tight though.

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