New Panta Ties for August

Aug 8, 2011

Panta is a NYC-based tailor shop that's been revered for their craft over at StyleForum for the better part of my membership to the forum. While their website is currently under maintenance, they seasonally offer up new products at an exclusive discount for StyleForum members. It could just be the improved photography, but this season's tie collection is my favorite yet. With a small variety of some of the best seasonal fabrics for fall/winter, summer and year round, the ties are now 3 ¼-3 3/8 inches wide and 57-58 inches long (with a few exceptions noted at 54 inches long) and manufactured in NYC using 6-fold construction. Grab yours while they last for $99 each shipped worldwide (StyleForum membership is required to order).

English 36 oz. prints
Dark green neat, pattern colors red, blue, white. Self-tipped, lined.
Raw silks
Sahara raw silk, unlined
Wovens and grenadines


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