Classic Specs

Aug 5, 2011

I somehow stumbled onto Classic Specs' website while browsing Svpply last week, and their header immediately caught my eye:

Custom Rx specs for $89 flat? I couldn't believe it. I'm used to paying 4 times that much just for sunglasses, and it just so happens I was in the market for a new pair. So I placed an order, and a week later these arrived on my doorstep courtesy of UPS:

Look familiar? It's their Amherst model, which looks an awful lot like Moscot's Lemtosh frame. But for a fraction of the price, I'm not complaining. How are they able to sell them for so cheap? Everything is done in-house, "cutting out the middle man". The frames are made in China so that probably also contributes to the low price, though they use premium Italian acetate and reinforced hinges. From time to time they'll feature other brands in addition to their own. Right now, they're also offering frames from Shuron USA (with lenses, still only $89). Along with the frames come a great variety of lenses from polycarbonate to anti-reflective/anti-scratch coatings. For my Havana Tortoise Amherst frames I chose the Evergreen sunglass lenses which use the latest polarizing technology in a shatter/scratch resistant polycarbonate. As soon as I put them on for the first time, I nearly forgot I was wearing them.

Though I couldn't be more pleased with the end result of my purchase, the icing on this proverbial cake is that 6% of every purchase is donated to New Eyes For The Needy who help supply eyewear to those who can't afford it.

If you're at all hesitant about diving in and investing $89 on glasses you can't try on first, most of their models are available to try on for free and they'll cover all the shipping charges. Returns are also shipped free, and alterations are free as well, as long as you ship your frames back to them within 30 days. For anything I haven't covered, there's information on nearly everything else you could care to know in their About pages.



warby parker and shuron will also ship trial glasses to your house. Shuron charges $12 shipping, not sure about warby parker.

Awesome find - I've been in the market for either a pair of 1) Moscot Lemtosh or 2) Tart Arnel glasses - to make them into sunglasses. These will fitt the bill nicely, because the "real thing" can be quite expensive.

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